Re-defining the ‘Gap Life’

Re-defining the ‘Gap Life’

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In fact, it’s over a year since I returned from my ‘gap year’, and I still haven’t finished writing up all my travels. I’d originally intended this to be a travel blog – and then I got lured into the allure of using the blog to support myself. In fact, there’s a whole industry built up around luring people into trying to monetize their blogs. I think that’s why I didn’t finish writing it – writing for money doesn’t inspire me in the least, and I lost the love of it.

More to the point, I’d originally taken my ‘gap year’ as a means to leave my old industry and job, marketing research for pharmaceutical companies, in the dust. I wanted to make a clean break and figure out a new path that was authentic to who I am. Instead, when I got back to London after my travels, I fell into exactly the sort of job I’d run away from in the first place.

I guess it’s no wonder I wasn’t inspired to write anymore.

But that’s changed – I’ve finally left pharma in the dust and moved over to the clean tech space. I’m doing work that I can feel good about, and it’s amazing how invigorating that is. I’m finally making good on a promise that I’d made to myself when I left on my travels – to stop chasing money and start chasing meaning.

As a part of that, I’ve decided that I’d really like to find my own voice again. Writing is a means of processing for me. It’s the best – and cheapest – form of therapy I know. I want to use writing to explore my thoughts on the world and what’s happening in it – around me, to me. Honestly, I don’t expect anyone to read this – it’s not going to be informative about travel, I’m not going to be sharing any top tricks or discount codes or anything like that. Just me, and my thoughts on life and where I am in it right now. In other words, I’m doing this for myself, and you’re most welcome to follow if you wish! At the very least, I hope I can inspire you to explore your own voice.


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