My (Belated) Gap Year…

My (Belated) Gap Year…


Mind the Gap Year Intro

When I mentioned to friends that I planned to take some time out between jobs to travel – a belated gap year of sorts – many said that I should write a travel blog.  I’ve always been a writer, but it’s always been a product for my own personal consumption, tucked safely between the pages of a journal.  I find it easy to write when you know that the only eyes who will be viewing your written thoughts are your own.

However, given the nature of the trek I’m undertaking – coupled with the increasingly faulty nature of my memory – I decided that a travel log of some sorts might be a good idea, lest I forget my adventures soon after my return.   Being the rule-loving over-achiever that I am, I immediately went online, googling ‘How to write a travel blog’.  I found myriad bloggers all eager to share their secrets to fruitful blogging – and monetization.  That immediately turned me off the idea.  Making money off my thoughts is not my goal.  That would take away the joy of putting my observations to page and turn it into a…job!  So let’s just say that instead, I am writing for myself, as is my habit – and allowing those who are interested to follow along.  No pressure, no promise of regular updates.  I’ll write as I feel, and you, dear reader, are under no obligation to read more than you wish.

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