A year ago, I set out on an amazing adventure – my Adult Gap Year.  I’d always been jealous of European kids who took gap years before starting university – something just not done in the States.  When I found myself with time between jobs, I decided to emply the ‘better late than never’ philosophy and take an Adult Gap Year to travel the world and I created Mind the Gap Life to document my travels.

After the year was up, I dutifully came back to the real world:  a day job in London.  I had thought that a full year of travel would get the bug out of my system.  Instead, I found that it only fueled my geographic ADD.

In short, I decided a year wasn’t enough:  I wanted to create a Gap Life, so to speak – I want to recreate my Gap Year of travel whilst still holding down my day job.

And so, this blog is about my travels, and how I’m fitting them in during my 9:5 job. I hope you will be entertained by and learn from my various musings and mistakes along the way!

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